Founded in 1999 and possibly One of the first Konpa Radio Station on the Web. The idea for the name Konpa Mix from an email received from one of our listeners. We are a Konpa heavy streaming Radio. Although the station started as a joke in other words, something I was doing just for fun and as a way to share my love for Konpa with people all over the globe. Over the past few years that has changed the radio has evolved from being just a hobby thing and gradually becoming a medium that is now engaging in the long struggle of promoting and making Konpa Known to the rest of the world. The station does not support the art of bootlegging and encourage our listners to support the artists/bands by buying the original products. As of now, Konpa Mix Radio is not affiliated! with anyone in the HMI. The station is self-supported meaning all expenses come from our own pocket. We are Konpamaniax, our joy come from the message we got from our faithful listeners and from knowing Konpa is being heard by people all over the world.

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